Service Teams

In our church, we have a slogan which is simply: “every member, a minister”. From the day you consider our church to be your spiritual family, you can jump right in and participate. We have ministries that you can join straight away such as:

First Impression:

This unit is the welcome advance party of our church. Under this wide umbrella, we have greeters, ushers, and hosts and hostesses. If you have a great smile and believe that hospitality is second nature to you, then this unit might just be right for you.


This is a behind-the-scenes ministry loaded with volunteers who are inspired to beautify our worship venue and keep the entire church facility clean and inviting for visitors. You can join them if you share their passion, love to decorate or are great with props!

City Marshall:

The Marshall oversee parking during our services. If you are sacrificial and love to serve in ensuring law and order, you are welcome to join the Marshall.

Service Quality:

Our services run hitch-free due to the energy, focus, and dedication of the members of this unit. If you are great with planning, visuals, technical know-how and time management, this may be the best fit for you.

If you have gone through our list and have found a unit you would love to join, please send an email to together with the ministry unit of your choice, your email address and phone number and one of our staff members will be in touch with you within 24 hours.