When most people hear about ‘changing the world’, they first imagine huge acts to be accomplished with superhuman ability. It becomes easy to see people who have made great impact on earth as superhuman, just like some think of Jesus, not realizing that His divinity was stripped and he lived like you and me.

For clarity, it is okay to give honor to whom honor is due, to recognize those who have gone ahead and are doing exploit, to know and appreciate the influence of others around the globe and learn from them; but it is extremely necessary to know your specific place at the table and take your seat ‘there’.

The Oxford Learners Dictionary defines the word ‘change’, which is the root word for changing, as ‘…make different’. This definitely points to action; so, in the positive sense, what difference are you making daily? What breaks your heart? What are you doing about it? What are the gifts that God has placed in you? How do you see yourself? There is always a link between what breaks your heart and what you have within you; but how you see yourself will affect your ability to apply your skills to making the world better. Do you believe you can herald change? It always starts with your world.

It may not start with a world reform, but could start with winning a personal war of addiction and teaching your neighbor how you did it. It could simply be by obeying God’s command to love unconditionally and winning over someone who would never have shifted grounds based on reason, taking a stand for the right thing even when everyone around you is compromising for temporary gain or by teaching a neighbor’s child a challenging academic subject for free. As you gradually win the little wars, there will be greater opportunities to be a change agent, doing the right thing.

People are often discouraged with this quest because it can take them through lonely paths, because not everyone likes to pay such a price. It seems ironic though, how many people want to see a different world, but are unwilling to do anything about it. They complain about people in authority but do exactly what they complain about in their own spheres.
Finally, your strength will fail you on this path. Depending solely on your skill set and good heart will not bring about the change needed. Skills have their place, but we need to trust God for direction and wisdom, then watch him bring about the desired change through us, because only humans can effect change on planet earth, don’t leave without making your mark.